Environmental and Safety Risk Strategies and Solutions

MEHS Consulting (MEHS) is a full service environmental, health and safety (EHS) consulting firm that provides innovative, practical and cost effective EHS solutions for complex regulatory issues, programs and events. MEHS clearly recognizes the importance of maximizing a company’s business operations while ensuring outstanding EHS compliance. MEHS has extensive experience in project development, management and compliance as well as having successfully worked hand-in-hand with EHS regulatory agencies over the past 25 plus years that have resulted in win-win outcomes for our clients, the public and the regulatory agencies. MEHS works closely with our clients to understand their operations, current EHS programs, and company culture in order to recommend and provide optimal solutions and programs for their business and employee needs.  

MEHS Consulting has experience working in several business sectors that include: Energy Producers & Marketers; Oil & Gas - all streams; Government; Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology; Chemical Manufacturing; Manufacturing; Transportation; Aerospace; Construction; Locomotive; and Marine.   

Environmental, Health & Safety Excellence Promotes "Business Value" 

Sustainable environmental and safety programs reduce business liability and employee risk, while promoting corporate citizenship and positively impacting a company’s bottom line.  MEHS strives to assist our clients with development of innovative sustainable health, safety, security, and environmental strategies and programs that are understandable and transparent. MEHS is a Certified Small Business that offers clients a wide range of EHS expertise by partnering with multiple companies thereby allowing our clients to focus on their core business and meeting their customer’s needs. 

MEHS Consulting is a member of ISNetworld and considers Safe Work Practices as core company value to ensure that our employees, clients and team members are trained to understand their job functions so that they can conduct their responsibilities and duties in a safe and sound manner. 



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