• CalEPA issued phase-out of pesticides containing chlorpyafos.
  • The Industry Technical Advisory Group (ITAG) to CUPA is soliciting involvement from industry.
  • CalARP oversight will soon be shifted from Cal-OES to the CA Fire Marshall
  • CalEPA will conduct a major re-engineer of their CERS reporting system.
  • Green Ribbon Science Panel met on April 23-24 to focus on Alternatives Assessment (AA).  Heads of CalEPA and DTSC attended with focus on reviewers expectations of AAs.


  • Indoor Heat Illness Regulations- Final draft (4/19/19) of the Indoor Heat Illness regulation likely will become final in near term.  Note that interior temperatures over 82 deg F will require action plan development.
  • Emergency regulations have been proposed that recommend or require the use of N95 masks by employees if a wildfire is in the vicinity.  The use of the masks can be either voluntary or required depending on the Air Quality Index (AQI) level.  Employees working outside for over one hour when the AQI is over 301 must wear N95 masks.


  • AB 617 Community Air Protection Program (CAPP)
    • Community Air Grants draft guidelines were just issued and a workshop is scheduled for May 24, 2019.
    • CARB just issued a revised draft on the Statewide Reporting on Criteria Pollutants and CA Toxics; comments due by June 7, 2019.  Requires mandatory reporting for a wide range of facilities statewide.  

CA AB-Bills to Watch (May 2019):

  • AB 423 (Gloria) proposes extra seats on the San Diego APCD.  Trend seen lately to increase regional boards and CARB members.  Industry opposes.

  • AB 647 (Kalra) proposes cosmetics and disinfectant manufacturers make SDS information available via internet posting in many languages.

  • AB 1080 (Gonzales) requires Cal Recycle to adopt regulations to achieve 75% source reduction or recycling of all single-use packaging and products by 2020.

  • AB 1429 (Chen) enable facilities that are neither Tier II or report under APSA to report their Hazardous Materials Business Plan every 3 years rather than annually.

  • SB 43 (Allen)  Proposes Requires CARB to study substitution of a carbon tax in place of CA’s sales and use tax.
  • SB 54 (Allen) would require Cal Recycle to adopt regs to achieve 75% source reduction or recycling of all single-use packaging and products by 2030.
  • AB 470 (Limon) addresses the establishment of a CA Green Business Program which will develop sector specific environmental standards on green business certification.
  • AB 756 (Garcia) would authorize SWRCB to require monitoring of the public water system for PFOA and PFOS presence.  
  • AB 841 (Ting) would require OEHHA to determine if PFOS and related substances should be tested as potential risk to human health.

CA SB-Bills To Watch (May 2019):

  • SB 44 (Skinner) mandates that CARB develop a strategy for medium and heavy duty vehicles which addresses reasonable and achievable goals for GHG reduction by 2030 and 2050.
  • SB 210 (Leyva) would authorize CARB to develop a Heavy-Duty Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Program which addresses non-gasoline heavy-duty vehicles.  A pilot program is required before program Implementation.