Upcoming Events in CA EHS:

  • CUPA Activity
    • Annual Training Conference – Anaheim February 25-28
    • Unified Program Strategic Plan was developed in August 2018
    • January newsletter issued – can obtain at calepa.ca.gov/cupa/newsletters
  • Safer Consumer Products
    • Oversight Hearings scheduled:
      • Feb 12 – Joint Oversight Hearing (Senate EQ and Assembly ESTM)
      • Feb 27 – Joint budget and Policy committees reviews coming up
  • AB 617 Community Air Protection Program 
    • AB 617 San Diego Consultation Group meeting was held 12/10/18
  • CARB Statewide Reporting Regulation on Criteria Pollutants and CA Toxics was adopted on 12/13/18
  • Water Conservation – Urban Strategy:
    • DWR and SWRCB has released a “Primer” on Urban Strategy


  • Indoor Heat Illness Regulations
    • Draft Indoor Heat Illness regulation was revised in mid-January
    • Marti Fischer retired and is no longer leading industry coalition

Bills to Watch (Feb 2019):

  • AB 35 – Kalra/C. Garcia – Require Dept of Public Health to consider worker lead levels of 25 micrograms/deciliter to be injurious to health and mandate DOSH to investigate as a serious violation.

  • AB 60 – Friedman – Prohibit sale of any sunscreens containing oxybenzone or octinoxate.

  • AB 129 – Bloom (Spot Bill) – Intent of legislature to enact legislation
    recognizing emerging threat of plastic microfibers.

  • AB 134 – Bloom – Requires policies to ensure to safe, reliable and accessible drinking water.

  • AB 142 – C. Garcia – Double’s recycling fee for manufacturer of lead-acid batteries, and addresses importers.

  • SB 1 – Atkins/Portantino/Stern – Requires various CA agencies to enforce rolled-back Federal standards in their respective arenas.

  • SB 25 – Caballero – CEQA amendment to expedite judicial review in
    “qualified opportunity zones.”

  • SB 33 – Skinner (Spot Bill) – Intent of Legislature to address collapse of
    foreign recycling markets by taking steps to reduce waste generation and increase composting and domestic recycling.

  • SB 43 – Allen – Require CARB to study substitution of a carbon tax for
    State’s sales & use tax.

  • SB 49 – Skinner – (Spot Bill) – Addressing energy efficiency standards

  • SB 54 – Allen/Wiener – (Spot Bill) – Intent of Legislature to reduce
    single-use plastics entering waste stream
  • SB 68 – Galgiani – Require message noting landfills capable of treating
    hazardous wood waste.
  • SB 69 – Wiener – (Spot Bill) – Addressing ocean resource management.
  • SB 86 – Portantino – (Spot Bill) – Addressing HazWaste electronic

Bills with Interest or potential resurrection (Feb 2019):

  • AB 958 – Ting – 2-year bill on hazardous materials: originally blocked use
    of fluorinated chemicals in packaging and preempt DTSC SCP process –
    revised to focus on labelling of cookware containing PFASs – strong pushback
    from industry led author to abandon bill – Bill will be resurrected in
    some form in 2019
  • Water Conservation Compromise – AB 1668 (Friedman) and SB 606
    (Hertzberg) – includes urban conservation targets, strategy (commercial,
    industrial, institutional – CII) – favorable CII language negotiated into final
    bills – process waters same so far – DWR will be issuing
    initial proposed guidelines in November
  • AB 2570 – Nazarian – environmentally preferable cleaning products
    Districts to certify use of economically feasible products (per independent 3rd
    party certification) – amended to allow anti-microbials but coalition still
    opposed – late entry by extreme NGO group seeking to ban far more products
    – amended to add “economic feasibility” and exempt small districts – DIED in
    Senate Appropriations – will be returned in some form in 2019, as will
    with AB 2816 proposal for controlling use of pesticides in schools.
  • SB 774 – Leyva – Creates DTSC “Board” – ES&TM amendments taken to make
    Board “advisory” but still w/ power to hire and direct DTSC Director –
    Governor’s office has told author to put on inactive file (make it 2-year bill) –
    “Gut & Amend” last week of session made this wildfire bill – BILL AMENDED TO ANOTHER TOPIC – Senate EQ Chief Consultant Rachel Wagner – a primary architect of bill – indicated intent to resurrect it, but has since left EQ