Sustainable solutions for your business

“Sustainability” is used today to define practices that promote the potential for long-term maintenance of our well-being; which have environmental, economic, and social dimensions.  In business, this is referred to as the “Triple Bottom Line”.  Companies have found that by implementing sound sustainable programs, they not only benefit socially but also economically in reducing monetary liability and costs.  Many corporations have developed sustainable goals and practices that report detailed natural resource use, materials use reduction and reuse, while cost-effectively managed environmental compliance risk.

MEHS assists organizations in identifying potential resource efficiencies and strategies that can be developed to reduce resource use and waste.  A company-wide review is typically conducted to identify current operational practices and resource uses that result in development of quality-based strategies to measure performance.  By reducing the use of water, energy, raw materials, and waste generation (hazardous & solid waste and air emissions), while improving monitoring and compliance tracking systems, your business will experience long-term, tangible financial gains.
MEHS provides our clients with the following services:

  • Sustainability Planning and Review;
  • Resource Minimization Analysis;
  • Green Packaging Planning;
  • Carbon Baseline Inventory and Reporting;
  • Supply Chain and Environmental Life Cycle Analysis (LCA);
  • LEED Building Project Strategies and Project Management;
  • Alternative Transportation Planning;
  • Sustainability Training;
  • Energy Management Systems;
  • Energy & Water Monitoring Systems and Cost Reduction Plans; and
  • Alternative and Renewable Energy Feasibility Analysis.
  • Life Cycle Assessment in Construction Projects